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      Sunwave Corporation Headquarter

      The site of manufacture, Research&Development, marketing and service-offer center

      ADDF/5, Building 11, Dragon Jade Industrial Zone, Bantian St.,Long Gang District, Shenzhen, China





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          Sunwave Electronics Co. Ltd is established in 1996 with its headquarter in Shenzhen. We specialize in sensor from its development, design, manufacture throughout sale. We are very proud of not only receiving the National High-tech enterprise honor, but also being a reliable long-term supplier of giant companies both in domestic and oversea. For years, we have been concentrating on customizing satisfactory sensor solutions for customers with suitable technology. Nowadays, our solutions are widely used in automotive, burglar alarm, office automation, household appliances and other applications, playing a more and more important role in social development.




      Development Process

      1996, founded, start with AIR detectors agent

      2000, develop more innovative alarming products

      2006, acquire the automotive industry system certification

      2007, enter automotive industry

      2012, acquisition and reorganization

      2014, strategic cooperation with top universities

      2015, introduce Japanese Lean Management

      2016, receive the National High-tech enterprise honor

      2018, enlarge production scale and increase capacity by 40%



      Our self-owned brand SELCO is well-known both in domestics and abroad as burglar alarm products of high quality and cost performance.

      SUNWAVE is our brand for sensors. Our sensors are more and more popular because of stable performance and flexible applications.


      Products and Applications

           We specialize in hall IC, Infrared, reed switch, microwave and Piezoresistive MEMS and other technologies and provide all kinds of practical and flexible solutions for environmental detection. Our sensor solutions are widely used in in automotive, burglar alarm, office automation, household appliances and other applications.